Seal Master

G12 Miter Corner Seal

Seal Master is an industry leader at designing and manufacturing custom engineered, fabric reinforced inflatable seals for a variety of applications. One such seal is a miter corner seal. 

How The Miter Corner Seal Works

The Miter Corner Seals from Seal Master can take on several different shapes and measurements. But overall the seal is meant to fill gaps and protect one environment from outside contaminants. 

A corner seal is designed to situate around corners and inflate properly simply with air pressure. 

Inflatable Seal Options: Seal It!

Our inflatable seals are designed to provide even pressure along a specific object. While this pressure can be used to push, stop, lift, or hold objects in place, it can also be used to create a hermetic seal and provide a barrier between two different environments. 

Creating a Seal

Our handcrafted fabrication utilizes both heat and pressure along the entire structure in order to bring out the best qualities of the elastomer. With our fully molded, fabric reinforced construction, these seals are leak proof, offering great structural integrity and durability. 

Learn About the Benefits of a Custom Engineered Seal

While Seal Master’s product catalog features over 7,500 items, you may be in need of a product that hasn’t been created yet. 

What is a Custom Engineered Seal? 

Built to size using materials your project demands, our inflatable seals use liquid, water, or gas to inflate. The seal fills the area to the exact shape needed, creating a perfect fit. 

With our fabric-reinforced and fully-molded design, our inflatable seals can withstand millions of duty cycles. Seal Master inflatable seals are designed and constructed with quality and durability in mind from the start. 

Reduce Downtime & Save Money

Downtime in any production line can cause delays in meeting deadlines. But it can also cost manufacturers money. 

Is Downtime Really Necessary? 

There are instances where downtime for specific machines or production lines may be necessary, for example, when machines need calibrated. Routine maintenance is crucial to prolong the lifespan of the equipment. 

Quality Matters to Us

The Seal Master Corporation didn’t develop its reputation overnight as a quality, custom engineered manufacturer of inflatable seals and other rubber products. But quality has always been our goal since the beginning.


Our sealing systems are included in a variety of applications. Some are as large as sealing massive hangar doors at America’s Satellite Program in Cape Canaveral, or as small as a collar to harness laboratory mice. 


Learn More About Seal Master and What We Do!

Founded in 1974, Seal Master Corporation has built itself into an industry leading manufacture of custom engineered, hand built, fabric reinforced inflatable seals and other manufactured rubber products.


Edward L Bittle founded the company after many years spent at B.F. Goodrich, in the height of the Akron, Ohio rubber industry. But once Ed saw a niche market he could fill, he started his own company to provide quality, custom rubber products.


How Do Reinforced Inflatable Seals Work?

Since 1974, Seal Master has been the leader in product development and engineering advances in the realm of reinforced inflatable seals. The firm’s products have been featured in countless applications such as industrial, environmental, military uses.


But what exactly is an inflatable seal? And what does it do?


In countless high-tech applications, there are times when consistent, constant pressure needs to be introduced in order to push, lift, squeeze, stop, hold, or seal materials.


Website Spotlight: Who We Are

Seal Master Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of custom engineered, hand built, fabric reinforced inflatable seals.  Founded in 1974, Seal Master is widely recognized for its expertise and resourcefulness as a consultant, designer and producer of inflatable seals and other custom rubber products. Seal Master takes pride in serving our customers. We are here to assist in developing a solution to the customer’s problem while also establishing a strong relationship. With our knowledge and expertise of the product we can provide unmatched customer service and satisfaction. 

Quality Control: Our Inspection Process

Quality Built Quality Tested

At Seal Master we take pride in our products and stand by their quality. Each Seal Master product is inspected a minimum of two times prior to shipment by two separate Seal Master Quality inspectors. During this process inspectors are looking for obvious cosmetic defects but are also trained to be aware of other problems that may occur during operation. Below are examples of some inspection processes that take place prior to shipment.