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Applying Holding Force

October 17, 2019

If you are searching for a way to properly and safely block, brake, or clamp objects in your operation, an inflatable seal from Seal Master can help.

Hold Force

One of the multiple ways our seals help customers in countless industries is through applying hold force. 

By applying hold force, our seals can hold objects in place with even pressure and then release them as required by your application. An inflatable seal can deliver adequate hold force on delicate objects which may be fragile or stop objects in place. 

Inflatable seals that apply hold force can serve as ideal braking solutions and clamping devices for millions of duty cycles. For instance, an inflatable seal can apply hold force to secure a mirror in place for polishing or holding round objects still for light machining. 

The Seal Master Advantage

Our technology and design can allow us to fabricate a seal for you in order to provide consistent, even hold force for your project requirements. 

With our custom engineered seals you can simplify your process with minimal machining and fabrication tolerances. Our seals can also give you countless jam-proof duty cycles which can in turn reduce downtime. 

The Seal Master team is ready to provide design consultation for your next seal to provide hold force. Contact us today or complete an online RFQ to get started!