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Inflatable Seal Installation Instructions

Seal Master’s fabric-reinforced inflatable seals and bags are comprehensive solutions complete with installation procedures designed for lasting success.

There are numerous cross-section seals and applications. Seal Master Corporation should confirm specific installation procedures for your specific application. Please take advantage of our instructional videos to aid in the seal installation for your application.

Installing an Inflatable Seal Into a Round Retainer

To install an inflatable seal into a round retainer, follow these instructions demonstrated in the video:

  • Prepare the Seal: Ensure the inflatable seal is free from any damages or defects before installation. Check for proper dimensions to match the round retainer’s specifications.
  • Align and Insert: With precision, align the seal’s edges with the inner circumference of the round retainer. Begin inserting the seal gradually, ensuring it fits uniformly around the retainer.
  • Secure Placement: As the seal progresses into the retainer, gently press it in a controlled manner. Avoid using excessive force to prevent any potential damage to the seal or retainer.
  • Don’t Stretch: Many people make the mistake of putting the rubber seal in by stretching it out. However, this approach can leave you with uneven seal installment and loose rubber.

Installing an Inflatable Seal Into a Retainer With Corners

In case you’re dealing with square or rectangular-shaped retainers, you can follow these steps to ensure smooth installation:

  • Assess Corners: Prioritize a careful examination of the corners in the retainer. Smooth any rough or sharp edges that could potentially damage the seal during installation.
  • Corner Insertion: Start by placing the seal into one corner of the retainer, following the contour carefully. Use gentle pressure to guide the seal along the corner’s edge, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Progressive Insertion: Gradually continue inserting the seal along each corner of the retainer, taking care to avoid abrupt movements that could cause stress on the seal.
  • Final Positioning: Confirm that the seal rests securely in all corners without any folds or creases that could hinder its functionality.

At Seal Master, our meticulous installation guidelines are crafted to guarantee optimal performance and durability of our inflatable seals. For any further assistance or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.