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Global Focus

Seal Master is a global leader in designing and manufacturing custom-engineered, fabric-reinforced inflatable seals, bags and accessories.

Over our 40+ year history, Seal Master has served and will continue to serve prestigious customers worldwide by designing and manufacturing fabric-reinforced inflatable seals and bags. When we manufacture a seal or bag for a customer in any market, in any country, for any type of product, we custom engineer each part to their unique specifications—and our products are proudly American-made.

The local, national and global markets are all saturated with inflatable seals and bags, but Seal Master does it differently. We’re one of the few manufacturers engineering seals and bags that are reinforced with fabric for added strength and durability. Because of this unique property in our design, we’re taking over markets in new territories every year. If you need a fabric-reinforced inflatable seal, we can serve you!