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Accessories for Reinforced Inflatable Seals & Bags

Seal Master offers a variety of accessories guaranteed to work with our inflatables.

Seal Master offers the same control devices, retaining systems and pressure fittings we use in-house. Seal Master accessories are precisely engineered components that will ensure your inflatables perform correctly and reliably.

In addition to optimizing performance, using our approved accessories will effectively speed up your project’s delivery and deployment by reducing the number of suppliers involved.

Free Download: How to Scope Your Seal

This discussion offers actionable insights into the material properties, engineering variables, and testing protocols that are crucial for the effective deployment of fabric-reinforced inflatable seals. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the frictional characteristics of fabric materials, a key factor influencing seal performance. Learn more about the engineering considerations when designing a custom seal.

Types of Seal Master-Approved Accessories

Mechanical Control Devices

Seal Master’s mechanical control devices are optimized for your project, giving you precise control of the pressure and duty cycle of your Seal Master inflatable. Mechanical control devices require complex configurations of parts that may consist of alarms, compressors, control boxes, gauges, regulators, timers, triggers, valves and more.

Retaining Systems

Mounting and retaining systems are an integral part of any inflatable seal system. At Seal Master, we engineer our retaining systems to provide a stable platform. By using a properly engineered retaining system, you will extend the life of your inflatable and can be confident in its performance.

Seal Master offers retaining systems in a variety of materials including plastic, rubber and metal and can create configurations for strip or circular application.

Typical Air & Gas Pressure Fittings

Every Seal Master inflatable has a connector in either the base, the end, or the side of its fully molded structure. Seal Master offers the same external fittings used to test and engineer each seal. These fittings are designed for low-, moderate- or high-pressure seals using air, gas or liquid pressurized systems.