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Cross-section geometry of a seal is directly tied to its performance. Optimize performance of your products with our high quality seals.

Seal Master inflatable seals inflate and deflate in three basic directions of operation: the axial (or normal to the mounting plane) direction, the radial-in direction and the radial-out direction. Each of these inflation directions has their own set of performance parameters for measurements such as the height of inflation ("stroke" of the seal) and the centerline bend radius that the seal can negotiate.

These performance parameters are further impacted by the cross-section geometry of the seal as well. To obtain an appreciation for the direction of inflation, please view the videos below.

Radial In

Radial Out

Radial In (With Application)


Are you frustrated with poor product quality, long lead times or being unable to get your inflatable seals from your normal supplier? Experience the difference with Seal Master! No matter what manufacturer you have partnered with in the past or what cross section/part you are currently using, our engineers can help.