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Fabric-Reinforced Inflatable Solutions

Seal Master’s fabric-reinforced inflatable seals are the ideal solution to apply holding, lifting, pushing, sealing, squeezing or stopping force.

Throughout our 40-year history, Seal Master products have been used in a variety of industries and applications, from hangar doors to washing machines

An elastomer inflatable can accomplish several functions beyond sealing. Customers all over the world use rugged Seal Master in industrial, environmental, or technological environments to regulate the introduction of engineered force.

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Seal Master has more than 7,900 inflatable seal solutions in its vast catalog, with hundreds of different use-cases. We are able to solve difficult engineering challenges that other companies balk at. We even designed an inflatable using special conductive rubber to form a resistive electrical circuit! Below are some typical generalized applications for fabric-reinforced inflatable seals.

Typical Applications for Inflatable Seals


Inflatable seals can be used to assist in the movement of materials by squeezing, such as in a drum follower application.


Fabric-reinforced inflatable seals are often used to push objects; a common example of this is when inflatable seals are implemented as actuators to move objects on a conveyor operation.


Customers often use inflatable seals to rapidly seal off one environment from another with quick access release. Door seals and container seals are some typical examples.


Inflatable seals offer lift efficiencies (using grip and hold force), particularly where lift requires object placement or release. Inflatable seals have the ability to retract out of the way once deflated, making them uniquely suited for repetitive lifting applications.


Our fabric-reinforced inflatable seals assist with mechanical holding force, even with delicate or oddly-shaped items.


You can use the natural breaking capabilities of inflatable technology to stop running objects.

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Free Download: How to Scope Your Seal

This discussion offers actionable insights into the material properties, engineering variables, and testing protocols that are crucial for the effective deployment of fabric-reinforced inflatable seals. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the frictional characteristics of fabric materials, a key factor influencing seal performance. Learn more about the engineering considerations when designing a custom seal.

Find the Application That Works Best for You

To get a visualization of the most typical inflatable seal solutions, see the videos below to find a Seal Master solution best suited to your engineering problem.

Squeeze It

Seal Master inflatable seals can be utilized to assist in the movement of materials as shown in this drum follower video.

Hold It

Seal Master inflatable seals can be utilized to generate a mechanical holding force in a process as illustrated by this cutting operation video.

Stop It

It is possible to take advantage of the natural braking capabilities of Seal Master inflatable seals as shown in this video.

Push It

Seal Master inflatable seals can be used as actuators to move objects as shown in this conveyor operation video.

Lift It

Seal Master inflatable seals prove to be a solution for lifting and placement of repetitive processes as shown in this video.

Seal It

Seal Master inflatable seals are used to seal off one environment from another and provide quick access when deflated, shown in this video.