Reinforced Inflatable Products

Fully molded construction delivers consistent inflation across the entire strike surface and long-lasting structural integrity.

Our inflatable seals and bags stand out from the rest on the market because of our fabric-reinforced design, offering added strength and durability. Whether you need to apply holding, lifting, pushing, sealing, squeezing or stopping force to an object, you can achieve reliable engineered force with our unique reinforced inflatable products—proudly made in America.

Reinforced Inflatable Seals

For quality-conscious industrial, environmental and high-tech engineers and project managers who need to introduce consistent pressure on an object, our reinforced inflatable seals will meet any challenge.

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Seal Master-approved accessories deliver all the performance with none of the 3rd-part inefficiencies. Purchasing the same accessories used in development and testing adds confidence and minimizes delay.

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Reinforced Inflatable Bags

To lift weight in low-clearance environments, or to apply air-tight sealing in difficult environments such as pipes and conduits, reinforced inflatable bags and bladders are the preferred solution.

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Over our 40+ year history, we’ve engineered custom cross sections for projects across industries, spanning countries all over the globe. See custom products below.