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Material Standards

Quality parts require quality materials.

At Seal Master, only tested and certified material components are used to build Seal Master inflatable seals and inflatable bags. We hold our suppliers to very high standards in order to pass down that same quality directly to our customers. Below are examples of standards that are in place for all materials that comprise a Seal Master product.

Material Standards for Polymer and Fabric Suppliers

When a batch of polymer material is received at Seal Master, two report certifications must be received with the batch.

  1. A test report stating that the material has met all testing requirements prior to shipment.
  2. A supplier certification that states that the batch has met all specified requirements for the desired material.

When fabric materials are received at Seal Master, a similar supplier certification document is also reviewed.

Internal Material Standards

These documents are processed by our quality department and upon review, the materials will be released for production to create inflatable seals and inflatable bags. Once these materials have been released, they are stored within a climate controlled environment on site.

Each batch of material is assigned a unique identifier that allows for full traceability throughout production. By using the Seal Master serial number and the identifier of the material, finished products can be traced back to their original batch material.

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