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G12 Miter Corner Seal

October 7, 2019

Seal Master is an industry leader at designing and manufacturing custom engineered, fabric reinforced inflatable seals for a variety of applications. One such seal is a miter corner seal. 

How The Miter Corner Seal Works

The Miter Corner Seals from Seal Master can take on several different shapes and measurements. But overall the seal is meant to fill gaps and protect one environment from outside contaminants. 

A corner seal is designed to situate around corners and inflate properly simply with air pressure. 

Once the seal is inflated, it will completely fill the gap in order to create a barrier between two environments without any leakage.

With Seal Master’s technology and design, we have created a seal that does not self-destruct and deflates to its original shape, specifically at the corners. 

Common uses for a miter corner seal include copper and powder bulk transfers. Each seal is water tested to demonstrate the seal’s viability before it leaves our factory. 

Customize Your Miter Corner Seal

Each miter corner seal can be customized to work for your desired applications. We understand the geometry of your miter corner seal will vary from other clients, as will the precise use. 

Contact us today or complete an online RFQ to begin the process of creating a miter corner seal that is right for you.