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Reduce Downtime & Save Money

September 6, 2019

Downtime in any production line can cause delays in meeting deadlines. But it can also cost manufacturers money. 

Is Downtime Really Necessary? 

There are instances where downtime for specific machines or production lines may be necessary, for example, when machines need calibrated. Routine maintenance is crucial to prolong the lifespan of the equipment. 

One vital item on the routine maintenance checklist involves replacing seals. While many companies replace with traditional compression seals, Seal Master has an alternative product that will help reduce your downtime and financial loss. 

The Benefits of an Inflatable Seal

In the manufacturing industry, seals are important for controlling the flow of liquid, steam, and gas.
Traditional compression seals experience nearly constant pressure during performance. As a result, they must be monitored at all times. A single valve or flange failure can cause major problems.

Inflatable seals, on the other hand, are designed to inflate and contract when needed. Since these are custom engineered to fit precisely where demanded on your production line, you can rest assured that they will create a complete blockage. In addition, because Seal Master’s seals are fabric reinforced, they will not leak and will not puncture easily.

Investing in the Future

Because of their properties and build, inflatable seals last longer than traditional. With this comes a decrease in the frequency of routine maintenance and ultimately, an increase in production time. An investment in inflatable seals is an investment towards your future. 

Contact us today to see how an inflatable seal from Seal Master can benefit your business.