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Inflatable Seal Options: Seal It!

September 26, 2019

Our inflatable seals are designed to provide even pressure along a specific object. While this pressure can be used to push, stop, lift, or hold objects in place, it can also be used to create a hermetic seal and provide a barrier between two different environments. 

Creating a Seal

Our handcrafted fabrication utilizes both heat and pressure along the entire structure in order to bring out the best qualities of the elastomer. With our fully molded, fabric reinforced construction, these seals are leak proof, offering great structural integrity and durability. 

The end result is a seal that has consistent pressure along its entire structure (even at corners) for millions of duty cycles. Our seals protect from dust, air, water, chemicals, and other elements. 


Seal force is an ideal option for sealing doors that require an airtight seal, often seen in food processing environments or in the medical field. This type of seal is utilized in various modes of transportation as well, including trains, emergency vehicles, and vehicles in the defense industry. 

When using an inflatable seal, the seal inflates when it needs to complete the hermetic seal and deflates to its original shape when the seal is no longer required. A Seal Master seal is an ideal alternative to mechanical seals because they provide consistency and durability with no isolation faults. They minimize the need for close machining and fabrication tolerances. 

If you require a hermetic seal anywhere in your work environment, contact us today.