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Learn About the Benefits of a Custom Engineered Seal

September 16, 2019

While Seal Master’s product catalog features over 7,500 items, you may be in need of a product that hasn’t been created yet. 

What is a Custom Engineered Seal? 

Built to size using materials your project demands, our inflatable seals use liquid, water, or gas to inflate. The seal fills the area to the exact shape needed, creating a perfect fit. 

With our fabric-reinforced and fully-molded design, our inflatable seals can withstand millions of duty cycles. Seal Master inflatable seals are designed and constructed with quality and durability in mind from the start. 

What Can a Seal Do? 

These seals can be used to apply lift, squeeze, hold, stop, or seal force with an object. For instance, use an inflatable seal to lift items in a low-clearance environment or stop an object on your production line. A seal can also be used to seal one environment off from another and thereby maintain a contaminant-free zone. 

Inflatable rubber products from Seal Master have been used in several segments of the economy. Our products can be found in airplane hangars. We have developed custom solutions for the construction, transportation, defense, and water control industries. 

Start the Process

Start the process today by taking into consideration two elements that define any project — geometry and environment. How do you envision a seal to be utilized in your daily workflow? What types of chemicals, products, and environmental concerns are there in this space? From here, our engineers can craft a solution that’s right for you!

If you believe a custom engineered inflatable rubber product from Seal Master can help you, contact us today.