Custom Designed Rubber Seals

Specialty Seals & Accessories

Did you know that besides manufacturing quality inflatable seals, Seal Master also makes several specialty seals and accessories. 

Specialty Seals

The specialty rubber products we manufacture range in usage and help customers complete a wide array of unique tasks. 

For instance, Seal Master can design and manufacture FDA-compliant rubber compounds for customers in the food processing or medical industry. When creating a food-safe environment is necessary for your process, we can design a specialty seal with an FDA-compliant compound. 

Learn More About Retaining Systems

Seal Master is an industry leading manufacturer of inflatable seals and rubber products used in many applications. And in order to get the most from an inflatable seal, we recommend investing in an adequate retaining system. 

What is a Retaining System? 

Retaining systems are devices that securely hold an inflatable rubber seal in place. These retainers allow the seal to inflate and deflate regularly when required, but also protect them from damage. 

Applying Holding Force

If you are searching for a way to properly and safely block, brake, or clamp objects in your operation, an inflatable seal from Seal Master can help.

Hold Force

One of the multiple ways our seals help customers in countless industries is through applying hold force. 

By applying hold force, our seals can hold objects in place with even pressure and then release them as required by your application. An inflatable seal can deliver adequate hold force on delicate objects which may be fragile or stop objects in place. 

Is Seal Master the Right Fit For You?

Do you have a problem you are not sure how to solve? Seal Master can be the right fit for you. Started in 1974, Seal Master has curated a reputation as a high-quality producer of inflatable rubber products such as seals, bags, and bladders. Our products have been used to seal massive hangar doors, play important roles at nuclear installations, in hi-tech laboratories, and more.

Learn More About Our Specialty Seals

There are many aspects to Seal Master that set us apart from the competition. We have a proven track record of custom-engineered seals that meet any unique requirements customers bring to us.  

We can manufacture typical and standard inflatable seals.

But our custom work is what makes us an industry leader. A seal or rubber product from Seal Master is a product that includes any couplers, covers, compression seals, bags, or a variety of other solutions to solve problems. 

Learn More About What Seal Master Does

Since 1974, Seal Master has been working with customers to bring them the best inflatable seals and rubber products on the market.

But what is it we actually do at Seal Master?

The entire Seal Master team is an experienced manufacturer of inflatable seals — or, elastomeric tubes manufactured in various configurations that inflate and deflate to perform a specific function — which are fabric reinforced and designed to accommodate any project. Our inflatable seals and rubber products can be inflated using air, gas, or liquid under different pressures.