Product Feature: Reinforced Inflatable Seals

June 12, 2020

Inflatable seals have many uses, making them of extreme value in a diverse range of settings. While there are many details that can help you choose the right seal for your application, you should never overlook the importance of reinforced seals. At Seal Master, we use fabric reinforcement to ensure the best possible results.

Fully Molded Construction

To maximize the strength of our seals, we use what is known as fully molded construction. During this process, high temperatures and pressures are applied to improve the rubber’s strength and elastomeric properties. This also ensures that the entire striking surface will provide even inflation, resulting in greater structural integrity and operating lifespan.

Fabric-Reinforced Seals

We use several different types of reinforcing fabric based on the needs of the application. Temperature and pressure requirements are key in determining fabric reinforcements, though they are most often used in applications with moderate to high pressure. This makes them an ideal fit for heavy industrial, technical, and lab environments.

Adjustments and Modifications

At Seal Master, we leverage our experience to develop fabric-reinforced seals for any application. Whether you need us to start from square one or work off of a pre-existing model, our team can make whatever design adjustments are necessary to meet your requirements.

No matter what type of inflatable seal application you have in mind, you can have confidence when you order from Seal Master. Fabric reinforcement and custom modifications ensure you will get a product that perfectly meets your project specifications.

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