Design and Engineering Capabilities

April 9, 2020

The design and engineering team at Seal Master has been tasked with solving many difficult challenges through our projects. One of the main issues we work around is how to properly install the inflation stem on an inflatable seal. 

Basic Directional Inflation

There are three main directions an inflatable seal or rubber product can be inflated — axial direction, radial-in, and radial-out. The direction of each inflatable product is decided by a variety of parameters in particular project. 

For instance, the height of inflation also known as the stroke of the seal is a key factor in the measurements required for each inflatable product. Cross-sectional geometry of a seal is also important. 

Types of Inflation Direction

Each of the three directions include unique features. 

Radial-in directions include the inflation stem on the outside of the inflatable seal. When engaged, the seal inflates inward to achieve the desired force and action for the seal. 

The radial-out direction means the inflation stem is on the interior of the seal, but when the seal is inflated it inflates outwards. 

The axial inflation direction features a stem on the top or bottom side of the inflatable seal. The seal then expands upwards (or down) to achieve its desired outcome. 

Every one of these three inflation directions is utilized for different purposes based on the project requirements. 

Contact Seal Master’s design team today to learn more about how your inflatable seals can be customized for your exact needs.

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