Our Commitment to Quality

July 10, 2020

Inflatable seals don’t just have to work once. They need to work properly over and over again, often performing in extreme environments. Ensuring that we provide high-quality work from beginning to end is vital for successful outcomes.

Sourcing Our Materials

To get great products, you have to start with great materials. Because of this, we hold our suppliers to extremely high standards. Each polymer batch that we receive is checked with two reports once the shipment arrives. By verifying the quality of all materials, we can have confidence in the finished products later on.

Product Inspections

At Seal Master, our inspectors put finished products through many different tests to ensure they will work as desired and hold up under intense conditions. We start with the mandatory water leak test. In this test, our inspectors fill each part of the seal to standard air pressure and submerge it at least twice to check for any leaks. 

At the request of the customer, we can also perform pressure decay, product cycle, and burst tests. The pressure decay test fills the product with air to stretch the seal, and then measures if air pressure decreases over a 24-hour period. The product cycle test uses a pneumatic cycle machine  to check for leaks by cycling shop air through the product. And finally, our burst test documents the product’s maximum operating pressure. This extensive testing helps you know the capabilities and limits of your rubber seal.

At Seal Master, a commitment to quality is in our lifeblood. By making this a top priority throughout the manufacturing process, you can have confidence that our delivered products will meet your expectations.

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