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High Performance Custom Seals

February 10, 2020

When customers turn to Seal Master, they know we manufacture products that have been trusted in high performance situations for years. By turning to the Seal Master team, you too can benefit from our quality made custom seals.

Products that Create Barriers

Utilizing inflatable seals can greatly increase your ability to create a barrier between two different locations. Inflatable seals from Seal Master are designed to effectively seal environments off from each other.

Inflatable seals can inflate to create a barrier, and deflate to their original shape millions of times when needed. An oven door can be sealed to generate the required heat, or the door to a sanitation room can be sealed in order to keep contaminants out of a food production area.

Other Functions of Seals

Besides creating barriers, customized seals can apply other types of force and help you achieve other goals. For instance, an inflatable seal can be used to create push force, stop force, hold items in place, squeeze, and lift objects. Hold force can be used to keep even the most delicate objects in place, like a mirror, for polishing or finish work.

Customized inflatable seals can be manufactured to any size and specification. Products can be designed to inflated with air, gas, or pressurized liquid. Plus, Seal Master accessories can help you maximize the lifespan and operation of your inflatable seal.

Contact us today to see how a high performance custom seal can benefit your business.