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Inflatable Seal Mechanical Control Devices

January 21, 2022

Seal Master accessories like mechanical control devices are precisely engineered components that will ensure your inflatables perform correctly and reliably. This is the difference you get when you partner with Seal Master—we can provide you with a complete solution including the inflatable seal and the necessary accessories to make it work. Our mechanical control devices are a game changer when it comes to applications requiring an inflatable seal—and can greatly help optimize sealing power.

Get Automatic Control of Your Seal with a Mechanical Control Device

Conventional compression seals and gaskets can be effective, but add another step in the sealing process as they typically require some kind of bolts or clamping method to maintain compression.

In comparison, our fabric-reinforced inflatable seals can be mechanically controlled and will displace as needed to fill various gaps. Mechanical control devices also allow you to precisely control the amount of pressure applied by the seal or bag, offering greater consistency and efficiency for your operations.

Implement a Mechanical Control Device for Hard-to-Access Sealing Applications

The use of a mechanical control device with an inflatable seal is particularly advantageous for extreme or high-risk environments in which manual sealing or seal inflation would be impractical or impossible. Some of the most common applications of our inflatable seals and mechanical control devices include:

Request a Quote on a Comprehensive Sealing Solution

If you’re looking for the right sealing solution to complement your design, partner with the Seal Master team for the best in the industry. Not only are our seals different due to their unique fabric-reinforced design, but our service is unmatched with all the design and engineering support you need.

Contact us today to request a quote on an inflatable seal solution and coordinating mechanical control device.

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