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Large Seal for Industrial Smokehouse Doors

Seal Master provided a large inflatable door seal for an Industrial Smokehouse.


Food Manufacturing


Sealing doors of an industrial smokehouse

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Industry Background

The food industry—particularly the meat processing industry—uses large, industrial-grade smokehouses to cure and smoke meats that will go on to be sold or used in the manufacturing of other food products. As you can imagine, smokehouses like this endure very high temperatures and pressure, so getting a proper seal on the smokehouse doors is vital to proper functioning.

Project Details

We were contacted by an American company who we’ve partnered with before to come up with a fabric-reinforced inflatable seal solution for an industrial smokehouse that they had already designed and manufactured. They were in need of a seal for the smokehouse doors, but the challenge was in finding a seal that would accommodate the radius of the doors. Originally, any seal you tried to put around the door frame would not seal properly because it couldn’t bend to the radius of the frame. Our team modified the seal design to accommodate the existing design of the smokehouse.

In addition to the geometry of the doors, other challenges that our engineering team was able to overcome were the high-levels of heat inside the smokehouse and abiding by strict FDA requirements for food processing equipment. We went with a food-grade silicone material for the seal that would meet those requirements.

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