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Elastomeric Inflatable Seals for Military Vehicles

Seal Master provides quality, fabric-reinforced inflatable seals for military/defense vehicles. Request a quote on a custom solution today.

Seal Master can produce fabric-reinforced inflatable seals that are a great option for various parts of land-based military vehicles. Depending on the application, our elastomeric inflatable seals can be molded into different configurations, making them highly versatile for a range of military vehicles and vessels.

Inflatable seals within the defense industry are generally used where two surfaces move in relation to each other with little room and no friction on the gasket it is placed within—a seal is required between them to fill the gap. These seals will round out when inflated to form a tight barrier between the mounting and striking surface.

Reliable Seal Solutions for Military Applications

Military vehicles are oftentimes exposed to harsh conditions and are put to very heavy use on a daily basis. Because of the nature of their use, it is important that the materials used for different areas of these vehicles are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and exposure to all they could come in contact with—dirt, mud, water, snow, fire, etc.. Military vehicles are prone to encountering jagged rocks, random debris, dust, chemicals, moisture, and more—and Seal Master produces elastomeric inflatable seals with all this in mind.

Some use cases where these fabric-reinforced inflatable seals would be used for military vehicles include:

  • Hatch Seals - For armoured artillery vehicles and tanks that have a turret operator opening or other top-end hatch, inflatable seals offer a material that is highly resistant to compression set that would occur with a basic neoprene seal. Inflatable seals are also much better at keeping out dirt, water, and the other elements mentioned above, and are resistant to fuels, extreme temperatures, sunlight, and more.
  • Cab Doors - Much the same as for hatch seals, inflatable seals used on cab doors of light and heavy duty vehicles keep out the elements, while also providing a bit of noise dampening and metal-to-metal vibration.
  • Tailgates - Implementing an inflatable seal to this area is a great way to fill the gaps of hinge points and side walls found around tailgates. While traditional tailgates allow for air and small particles to pass through tailgate cracks and crevices, an inflatable seal will expand with fluid or air, creating a complete seal that prevents this from happening.

Defense Industry Case Study: Door Seal for Naval Aircraft Elevator

Naval ship

When we were approached about needing an inflatable seal for a door on a large naval vessel that elevates aircraft, our engineering team knew they were up for the challenge. These ships required a seal that was extremely heavy duty and durable in order to withstand harsh conditions out at sea.

Explore Material Needs for Your Military Vehicle

If you’re interested in exploring the different materials available for our inflatable seals, take a look at this chart. It will help us both communicate better about the requirements of your solution.

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