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Feature: Inflatable Seals 101

Seal Master has been an industry leader in customized inflatable seals and other rubber products for more than 40 years. But what exactly is an inflatable seal and what can they do?

Inflatable seals are fabric reinforced, fully molded, and engineered rubber products manufactured for a variety of purposes across the full spectrum of the economy.

Seal Master inflatable seals are designed to be able to inflate and deflate in three basic directions in order to fill a void, lift an object, provide a type of seal and countless other applications.

Solutions: Hold

When certain applications require even pressure to hold, and then release products with consistent pressure, engineers and project managers turn to Seal Master for the solution. As one of our many capabilities, the Seal Master team can offer custom engineered fully-molded inflatable elastomer products in order to apply hold force. If you need to apply holding force to delicate materials, Seal Master’s rubber products can help hold onto whatever you need.


Quality Matters to Us

The Seal Master Corporation didn’t develop its reputation overnight as a quality, custom engineered manufacturer of inflatable seals and other rubber products. But quality has always been our goal since the beginning.


Our sealing systems are included in a variety of applications. Some are as large as sealing massive hangar doors at America’s Satellite Program in Cape Canaveral, or as small as a collar to harness laboratory mice. 


How Do Reinforced Inflatable Seals Work?

Since 1974, Seal Master has been the leader in product development and engineering advances in the realm of reinforced inflatable seals. The firm’s products have been featured in countless applications such as industrial, environmental, military uses.


But what exactly is an inflatable seal? And what does it do?


In countless high-tech applications, there are times when consistent, constant pressure needs to be introduced in order to push, lift, squeeze, stop, hold, or seal materials.


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