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We Provide Installation Assistance

In order for our customers to get the most out of their inflatable custom-engineered seals, they need to be installed properly. We have a few resources to assist you with your installation. 

How to Properly Install an Inflatable Seal

We recommend that all of our inflatable seals use a retaining system in order to assist customers. Seal Master retaining systems are designed to perfectly complement the inflatable rubber product we create them for. 

G12 Miter Corner Seal

Seal Master is an industry leader at designing and manufacturing custom engineered, fabric reinforced inflatable seals for a variety of applications. One such seal is a miter corner seal. 

How The Miter Corner Seal Works

The Miter Corner Seals from Seal Master can take on several different shapes and measurements. But overall the seal is meant to fill gaps and protect one environment from outside contaminants. 

A corner seal is designed to situate around corners and inflate properly simply with air pressure.