Inflatable Seal Application: Squeeze

Inflatable seals from the Seal Master Corporation are preferred by engineers and clients for their many product applications. One of the applications our elastomeric solutions can provide is squeeze force. 

Our inflatable seals can be used to create a rubber hermetic seal that is capable to grip or move liquid on an inflating duty cycle.

Similar to products which utilize seal force, seals that employ squeeze force are able to create a leak-proof, even pressure across the entire seal. Emptying the contents of a chem-ical drum safely and effectively is one application of the squeeze force. 

Squeeze force is better than compression since the applied force via inflation and deflation means more up-time in your process and less processing faults. 

Our creative engineering team can create seals that use squeeze force into numerous shapes and lengths in order to accommodate your project needs. When you select a Seal Master seal you can expect to see significant benefits over other options. 

Seal Master seals have structural integrity for consistent and even force along the entire seal.

They also offer jam-proof and leak-proof operation along with consistent squeeze and release duty cycles. Contact us today to see how a custom engineered seal employing squeeze force can benefit your op-erations.