Reinforced Inflatable Seals

Custom Engineered, Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Seals

Seal Master’s custom inflatable seals are the industry’s best. Fully-molded construction delivers consistent inflation across the entire strike surface and long-lasting structural integrity.

For quality-conscious industrial, environmental, and high-tech engineers and project managers who need to introduce consistent pressure on an object to push, lift, squeeze, stop, hold or seal, Seal Master’s custom reinforced rubber seals will meet any challenge.

Seal Master seals are fully-molded from high-quality materials designed to meet your technical requirements. 

Reduce the risk factors associated with inferior seals. Contact Seal Master about your project today!

Custom engineered, fully-molded product highlights

  • Fully-molded construction reduces risk of seal failure by improving the strength of rubber and ensuring the entire seal performs consistently. This translates to reliable inflation across the entire strike surface.
  • Fabric reinforced rubber seals are effective where moderate- to high-pressure is applied, such as in heavy industrial, environmental, technical and laboratory environments.
  • A variety of reinforcing fabrics are available and determined by factors such as temperature and pressure.

Seal Master offers technical guidance to determine the appropriate design, manufacturing and material composition. The inflatable must withstand environmental factors and perform using air or gas controlled mechanisms under pressure. The environment and structure will affect the choice of reinforcing fabric.

We do more than seals.

Our rugged elastomer seals regulate the introduction of engineered force in industrial, environmental, or technological applications all over the world. (See our Inflatable Seal Application page for illustrations.) 

We are ready to get to work on your project

Find out how our custom and fully-molded inflatable rubber seals will solve your engineering problem and reduce the risk of seal failure. Call us today, or submit our preliminary Design Assistance request. We’re excited about the opportunity to help solve your engineering problem!

Seal Master Design Solves Engineering Problems

Learn about the technical considerations for making high-quality seals and the variety of applications for inflating elastomer seals.

The Seal Master Difference

Since 1974, Seal Master has designed and delivered exceptional inflatable products to demanding customers all over the world, including NASA. Our inflatable products play important roles in nuclear installations, heavy industrial environments, manufacturing processes and in high-tech laboratories all over the world.

We want to help you solve your problems with an innovative engineered inflatable solution. Contact Seal Master today to get started!