Reinforced Inflatable Bags

To lift weight in low-clearance environments, or to apply air-tight sealing in difficult environments such as pipes and conduits, Seal Master’s custom, reinforced bags and bladders are the preferred solution. The products are available in any configuration of size, function and reinforcing material (such as DuPont Kevlar).

Seal Master Inflatable Bags and Bladders provide consistent pressure control along an extended surface. Our bags and bladders offer this basic functionality with the added value of the Seal Master engineering experience to deliver safe, consistent performance even in areas that are often points of failure with competing products, such as abrasion or structural seal(s).

Product highlights:

  • Can be used for lifting or shifting weight in low-clearance situations, or to provide air-tight seals of open-ended structures such as mine shafts, conduits, pipes, or canals.
  • Rubber-based, with available material reinforcement for specific requirements
  • Designed and manufactured for standard or non-standard shapes and structures
  • Smart engineering for structural integrity at full load
  • The Seal Master Product Guarantee



In addition, our inflatables can serve low-pressure, moderate-pressure or high-pressure air or gas controllers.

Product usage

The primary use case has been lifting or shifting weight of heavy objects, safely and efficiently. Fire fighters and emergency technicians use inflatable bags to slowly lift and even shift vehicles or other heavy objects. Heavy industrial and construction firms use them to lift houses or equipment.

But engineers continue to find more ways to use Seal Master’s technology to provide consistent pressure control along an extended surface. Seal Master’s creative engineering and intelligence with reinforcing materials meet about any challenge: 

  • Seal mine shafts or canals
  • Lamination in hot or cold applications
  • Seal conduits and ducts
  • Heavy-duty lift
  • Industrial sealing against harsh chemicals
  • Safety protocols requiring specialized clamping or sealing
  • Underwater lift
  • Many more…



We are ready to get to work on your project! 

Contact us today to get your Reinforceabled Inflatable Bags or Reinforceabled Inflatable Bladders designed and manufactured to your specific application. Submit an email to us via our contact page, or better yet, send us a detailed request from our Design Assistance page.

The Seal Master Difference

Seal Master has been designing and manufacturing custom engineered, hand built, fabric reinforced inflatable seals and manufactured rubber products since 1974. We continue to earn respect and business from all over the world by engineering creative, innovative inflatable solutions that protect human lives and allow them to get more work done better.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and design facilities offer unmatched capability in the market. Recognized for its superior products, many of which are critical components in nuclear and atomic facilities, Seal Master’s custom engineering has served heavy industrial, environmental, and high-tech customers all over the world, including USACE, NASA and General Electric.

In addition to manufacturing, Seal Master provides consultation and design services to technical engineers and project managers.

Seal Master’s proximity to Kent, OH, with its quality components and raw material sources combine with extensive design and manufacturing resources to produce excellent inflatable bags and bladders, no matter the quantity or application.

Seal Master’s product catalog includes more than 7,900 products.