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Elastomeric Inflatable Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Seal Master can provide high-quality, fabric-reinforced inflatable seals or bags for circuit board processing in the semiconductor industry. Request a quote today!

Semiconductor manufacturers are often pressured to maintain high levels of productivity to stay on track with production schedules, meaning equipment reliability is of the utmost importance. High-quality seals and gaskets can make the difference between a safe, productive factory and one that loses valuable time and money.

Seal Master can provide high-quality, reliable solutions such as reinforced inflatable seals or bags to the semiconductor industry, especially as demand is shifting and new needs are arising for AI. Our goals are to help you:

  • Simplify hardware on equipment
  • Speed up processing
  • Extend the working life of your equipment
  • Increase safety in the workplace
  • Extend equipment run times
  • Maximize production, minimize downtime
  • Adhere to industry regulations

Reliable Seal Solutions for Any Semiconductor Application

If you are looking for a superior sealing solution for your equipment, we can engineer the perfect elastomeric inflatable solution that meets your specifications. There are endless possibilities to utilize our fabric-reinforced inflatable seals within the semiconductor industry for higher quality processing and imaging.

Some of the most common applications of our seals include:

  • Wafer fabrication
  • Load locks and access doors of thermal processors
  • Sealing components in circuit board imaging
  • Outgassing expansion joints in clean room ductwork
  • Seals for load locks or clamps

Fully-Molded Rubber Inflatable Seals vs. Mechanical Seals

Seal Master’s fully-molded rubber inflatable solutions have distinct advantages over mechanical ones:

  • Structural integrity delivers pressure along the entire surface over thousands of duty cycles.
  • Highly-engineered and hand-crafted materials yield superior quality.
  • Simplified design of structure and hardware minimizes need for close machining and/or fabrication tolerances.
  • Are not subject to compression sets, a problem with other mechanical solutions.

For quality-conscious, industrial, environmental, and high-tech engineers and plant managers in the semiconductor industry who need to introduce consistent pressure on an object to push, lift, squeeze, stop, hold or seal, our custom, fabric-reinforced rubber seals will meet any challenge.

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