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Elastomeric Inflatable Seals for Food Processing Mixers

Choose fabric-reinforced inflatable seals from Seal Master to pair with high-quality industrial food processing mixers. Request a quote!

Seal Master provides quality, fabric-reinforced inflatable seals for mixers used in the food processing industry.

Food processing mixers are integral for the transformation of raw materials into food for human consumption. A high level of consistency and safety is required not just batch-to-batch, but facility-to-facility. Seal Master provides industry-leading, fabric-reinforced inflatable seal solutions to complement cutting-edge mixer designs.

Heavy duty industrial mixers perform the process of dry blending, emulsification, high-speed powder induction, dissolution, dispersion, or high-viscosity mixing. Inflatable seals offer a tight-fitting solution for these rotating assets to ensure exceptional performance.

Improper seals can result in bacterial growth, product and revenue loss, equipment downtime, and slipping hazards in the workplace. It’s imperative in the food processing industry to have reliable seals that keep the mixing process safe, sanitary, and contained.

Reliable Seal Solutions for Any Food Processing Application

If you are looking for a superior sealing solution for your food processing mixer equipment, the Seal Master Design & Engineering team can help. We custom fit seals for dry blenders, high shear mixers, dual shaft and triple shaft mixers, and any specialty food processing mixer your application requires. Our designs take into account the material requirements for a temperature-controlled, sterile environment.

When compared to traditional compression seals, the fully molded construction of ours reduces the risk of seal failure by improving the strength of rubber and ensuring the entire seal performs consistently. Our fabric-reinforced inflatable seals are:

  • Easier to clean
  • More reliable
  • Ideal for rapid sealing and unsealing
  • Air- and water-tight for maximum containment
  • Handcrafted for superior, long-lasting quality and durability
  • Not subject to compression set, which is a problem with other mechanical solutions

Explore Material Needs of Your Mixer Application

If you’re interested in exploring the different materials available for our inflatable seals, take a look at this chart. It will help us both communicate better about the requirements of your solution.

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