Rubber Inflatable Seals

Seal Master Approved Mechanical Control, Retaining Systems, Fittings - Accessories

Include the only accessories guaranteed to work with Seal Master inflatables.

Streamline your project delivery and deployment! Add the same control devices, retaining systems and pressure fittings we use.

Just as athletes need optimal heart function and skeletal strength for peak, long-term performance, our inflatable seals and bags need precisely-engineered system components for optimal, long-term performance.

Seal Master’s approved accessories deliver all the performance with none of the 3rd-party inefficiencies.


If you have ever travelled the famous London Underground also known as “The Tube”, the words “Mind The Gap” may yield an important safety warning. But ask yourself, what if you didn’t have to “Mind The Gap”? What if safety concerns while boarding and exiting were a thing of the past? Seal Master Corporation has engineered a unique solution to this problem: inflatable pneumatic seals.

Website Spotlight: Who We Are

Seal Master Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of custom engineered, hand built, fabric reinforced inflatable seals.  Founded in 1974, Seal Master is widely recognized for its expertise and resourcefulness as a consultant, designer and producer of inflatable seals and other custom rubber products. Seal Master takes pride in serving our customers. We are here to assist in developing a solution to the customer’s problem while also establishing a strong relationship. With our knowledge and expertise of the product we can provide unmatched customer service and satisfaction. 

Quality Control: Our Inspection Process

Quality Built Quality Tested

At Seal Master we take pride in our products and stand by their quality. Each Seal Master product is inspected a minimum of two times prior to shipment by two separate Seal Master Quality inspectors. During this process inspectors are looking for obvious cosmetic defects but are also trained to be aware of other problems that may occur during operation. Below are examples of some inspection processes that take place prior to shipment. 

Cross Section Spotlight: Snap in Type

Snap-in type inflatable seal profiles utilize our uniquely designed dovetail base that enables the seal to simply "snap" into a matching retainer groove. The retainer groove provides support and protection for the seal. Installation and replacement is quick and easy. For more information on snap in types please visit our Seals 101 page.

Product Spotlight: Custom Engineered Inflatable Bags

Take advantage of Seal Master Corporation's extensive rubber fabricating expertise. Custom inflatable shapes and structures required for sealing and/or lifting purposes can be engineered and manufactured for your specific application requirements. Key features of these products include the ability to apply even pressure to an extended surface. Typical application examples include ballast bags, lamination bags, and diaphragm bags.

Seal Master Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Seal Master is happy to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year. We would like to thank our customers for continuing to choose Seal Master to solve all of their sealing needs. Also, we would like to thank our employees for their hard work and dedication that help Seal Master deliver quality products to customers around the world.