Seal Master Approved Mechanical Control, Retaining Systems, Fittings – Accessories

June 29, 2017

Include the only accessories guaranteed to work with Seal Master inflatables.

Streamline your project delivery and deployment! Add the same control devices, retaining systems and pressure fittings we use.

Just as athletes need optimal heart function and skeletal strength for peak, long-term performance, our inflatable seals and bags need precisely-engineered system components for optimal, long-term performance.

Seal Master’s approved accessories deliver all the performance with none of the 3rd-party inefficiencies.

A packaged solution from Seal Master can dramatically improve your operation and deployment.

Purchasing the same accessories used in development and testing adds confidence. Reducing the number of suppliers allows project engineers to minimize the factors that delay their project.

Mechanical Control Devices

Get precise control of the pressure and duty cycle of your Seal Master inflatable with our mechanical control device. We configure the mechanical device optimized for your package. Your configuration may require a combination of alarms, compressors, control boxes, gauges, regulators, timers, triggers, and valves, for example. Typical applications include field operations such as emergency response equipment or pre-production development.

Talk to your Seal Master design assistant about your packaged solution. Click to learn more about our mechanical control accessory.

Retaining Systems

Proper mounting and retaining systems are essential to the operation of any inflatable seal. We engineer our retaining systems to provide a stable platform and reliable duty cycle. These retaining systems will aid in the protection of the inflatable from damage, while also providing optimum performance. Seal Master retaining systems are available in a variety of materials, including plastic, rubber, and metal and configurations for strip or circular application.

Include the right retaining system for your environment. Click to learn more about our retaining systems.

Typical Air & Gas Pressure Fittings

Every Seal Master inflatable has a connector in either the base, the end, or the side of its fully-molded structure. We can also provide the same external fitting type used to test and engineer the seal. These fittings are designed for low-, moderate-, or high-pressure seals using air or gas or liquid pressurized systems.

Add these external fittings to your RFQ and make sure your inflation production works as expected! Click to learn more about our typical fittings.

Add these accessories to your project specification today! 

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