Custom Inflatable Bags

The Power of Inflatable Seals

Inflatable seals designed and produced at Seal Master are powerful tools that can be used in a variety of scenarios to help companies accomplish their goals. Our inflatable rubber products have been utilized in a wide swath of industries in unique ways. 

Inflatable Door Seal

A common use for our inflatable products is to properly enclose a door in order to seal off one environment from another. 

Door Seals

Companies or other operations that require a secure environment, such as food processing plants or chemical manufacturers, often utilize clean rooms and secured spaces. A door seal is capable of filling a void or gap between the door and the frame. 

Product Spotlight: Inflatable Bag

Seal Master Corporation is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered, inflatable seals, bags, and accessories. Inflatable bags are great products to assist with lifting weight in low-height environments, or can be used to apply air-tight sealing in difficult areas. Fabric-reinforced bags can be configured to any size, function, and fabric material.

Feature: Inflatable Seals 101

Seal Master has been an industry leader in customized inflatable seals and other rubber products for more than 40 years. But what exactly is an inflatable seal and what can they do?

Inflatable seals are fabric reinforced, fully molded, and engineered rubber products manufactured for a variety of purposes across the full spectrum of the economy.

Seal Master inflatable seals are designed to be able to inflate and deflate in three basic directions in order to fill a void, lift an object, provide a type of seal and countless other applications.

Feature: Reinforced Inflatable Bags

Do you need to lift weight in low-clearance areas or are you in need of air tight sealing in difficult environments? Then consider a reinforced inflatable bag or bladder as a solution. Seal Master’s inflatable bags and bladders are just one of many manufactured rubber products made by the industry leaders in custom engineered hand-built inflatable seals and products. Inflatable reinforced bags provide consistent pressure control along an extended surface. Our products are safe and consistently perform when needed.

Fully-molded Construction Brings Better Performance

Seal Master’s fabrication process delivers consistent pressure along entire surface for high volume duty cycles

Fully-molded construction means that both high temperature and pressure are incorporated in the fabrication process to improve the rubber’s strength. This process improves the elastomeric properties of the material. The result is consistent and even inflation pressure along the entire striking surface. Greater structural integrity also brings longer product operation.

Product Spotlight: Custom Engineered Inflatable Bags

Take advantage of Seal Master Corporation's extensive rubber fabricating expertise. Custom inflatable shapes and structures required for sealing and/or lifting purposes can be engineered and manufactured for your specific application requirements. Key features of these products include the ability to apply even pressure to an extended surface. Typical application examples include ballast bags, lamination bags, and diaphragm bags.