Feature: Reinforced Inflatable Bags

April 13, 2018

Do you need to lift weight in low-clearance areas or are you in need of air tight sealing in difficult environments? Then consider a reinforced inflatable bag or bladder as a solution. Seal Master’s inflatable bags and bladders are just one of many manufactured rubber products made by the industry leaders in custom engineered hand-built inflatable seals and products. Inflatable reinforced bags provide consistent pressure control along an extended surface. Our products are safe and consistently perform when needed.

These custom engineered, rubber-based products can be used in places such as mine shafts, pipes, conduits, or canals. Underwater lifting, industrial sealing against harsh chemicals, and heavy-duty lifting are other applications for our reinforced inflatable bags. Firefighters and emergency technicians use inflatable bags to slowly lift or shift heavy items, as do heavy construction and industrial firms. Seal Master engineers can design inflatable bags for any shape, size, or structure and can serve low, moderate, or high pressure air or gas controllers.

So if you have a need where an inflatable bag can be a part of the solution, reach out to us or send us a detailed request from our Design Assistance page and our team can design and manufacture a customized for your specific application.

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