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G12 Miter Corner Seal

Seal Master is an industry leader at designing and manufacturing custom engineered, fabric reinforced inflatable seals for a variety of applications. One such seal is a miter corner seal. 

How The Miter Corner Seal Works

The Miter Corner Seals from Seal Master can take on several different shapes and measurements. But overall the seal is meant to fill gaps and protect one environment from outside contaminants. 

A corner seal is designed to situate around corners and inflate properly simply with air pressure. 

Quality Custom Engineered Seal Solutions

Since 1974, Seal Master has been in industry leading manufacturer and designer of inflatable seals and other rubber products. Over that time period, we have earned respect from our customers due to our quality products and customer service. 

Our design team has helped to create solutions for complicated problems clients experience in their business.

Combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing and design facilities, and quality inspec-tion procedures, our reputation as a market leader is apparent. 

The Industries We Work In

For more than 40 years, Seal Master has manufactured a wide variety of custom-engineered fabric reinforced rubber seals and parts. We have used our expertise in the field to develop a reputation over that time for quality and durable products. Plus, we take pride in working with our customers to solve unique challenges for them using our inflatable seals.

But did you know we have worked with companies across multiple industries and applied our experience to solve countless problems?

Solutions: Push & Seal

Seal Master’s line of inflatable, custom-engineered hand built fabric seals are designed to perform a variety of functions for countless industries.

Our inflatable seals can create an airtight seal, hold items in place, squeeze, stop, or lift anything. Seal Master’s inflatable fabric-reinforced seals are used in multiple devices such as brakes, couplers, lifters, laminators, plugs, separators, cushions, and gripping devices.

Seal Master Material Standards

Seal Master is an industry leading manufacturer in custom engineered, hand built, fabric reinforced inflatable seals and other rubber products. We understand that our reputation as an industry leader relies on our customer service and our products, which we stand behind. That’s why we use only tested and certified material components in our 7,500 innovative products.

Quality Matters to Us

The Seal Master Corporation didn’t develop its reputation overnight as a quality, custom engineered manufacturer of inflatable seals and other rubber products. But quality has always been our goal since the beginning.


Our sealing systems are included in a variety of applications. Some are as large as sealing massive hangar doors at America’s Satellite Program in Cape Canaveral, or as small as a collar to harness laboratory mice.