Seals Are More Than A Barrier: Part 2 - How Custom Inflatable Seals Have Wide Variety of Applications

In our last post, we highlighted how inflatable rubber products like seals are no longer one-dimensional. This time, we take a deeper look at how these seals actually go about these diverse roles in different industries. We will also analyze how a few of the current applications might open new doorways of future inflatable seal applications. 

The inflatable rubber seals were first used as barriers and seals only. Soon they became instruments for greater and more far reaching applications. The first point of expansion was noticed in the manufacturing industry. At Seal Master, we learnt now a certain degree of customization could empower manufacturers to do so much more with our inflatable seals. Here are a few examples. 

Holding and clamping applications 

Holding and clamping applications of rubber seals were primarily brought into use for components that were delicate and required handling by softer clamps. This resulted in custom made seals handling diverse material and holding boxes that were either small or delicate. 

The seals also found extensive use in conveyor belt brakes, bulk bag nozzles and pipe grips. In all these applications, one or the other unique property of inflatable seals by Seal master was put to test. Temperature resistance and fluid management were among the chief aspects that enable these seals to undertake such diverse portfolios.      

Robotics and aerospace

Precision is of paramount importance both in the robotics and aerospace industries. In the aerospace industry, seals play an important fluid managing agent apart from dispensing their usual functions as barriers. They bear very high temperatures ranging from sub-zeroes to high 300’s and perform in challenging speeds of 3000 mph. In these speeds, the seals hold their shape and tensile strengths and help in fluid management. 

In robotics, seals are used to line up different components including pipelines into one unit while they move toward the assembly line. This enables manufacturers to cut down on process time significantly. 

Lifting applications 

The custom inflatable seals are also great at diverse lifting applications. Apart from actuating, they are also good with force and pressure application. They have been used for lifting pipe bladders. These bladders are delicate and need soft holding surfaces.

Inflatable seals are also used in piston and drum lifting bladders. 

Industry specific usage 

Apart from a wide range of applications in sealing, lifting, manufacturing, holding and clamping applications, custom seals by Seal Master find several other specific applications in a wide range of industries. Some of these include the pharmaceuticals, food barriers, sterilization, medical and the web and printing industries. 

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