Learn More About What Seal Master Does

Since 1974, Seal Master has been working with customers to bring them the best inflatable seals and rubber products on the market.

But what is it we actually do at Seal Master?

The entire Seal Master team is an experienced manufacturer of inflatable seals — or, elastomeric tubes manufactured in various configurations that inflate and deflate to perform a specific function — which are fabric reinforced and designed to accommodate any project. Our inflatable seals and rubber products can be inflated using air, gas, or liquid under different pressures.

Inflatable seals can be used to perform multiple tasks as well. They can be used to apply push force, lift, stop, squeeze, hold, or complete a tight seal.

You can find our products in numerous industries across the economy from aerospace to the pharmaceutical industry and in even in multiple military functions. It is this versatility that allows our engineering team to customize solutions for any client in need of an inflatable seal or rubber product.

Our products are built using only premium fabric and elastomers, so you can trust that your seals were built to last. And all of our products are put through rigorous quality assurance tests before they are shipped.

Off the shelf products aren’t our style and we look forward to working with you to develop a seal solution made just for you. And our goal is to meet your project specifications, and exceed your expectations, all within your timeframe.

Contact us today or complete an online RFQ form to begin working with the inflatable seal masters!