Learn More About Our Material Selection

At Seal Master our inflatable seals are custom engineered and built for each uniquely for each project we work on.

Since each inflatable seal is designed for each individual customer, our fabric reinforced seals are molded to fit your need in order to make sure our products offer structural integrity for optimum performance. 

A variety of fabric reinforcement and elastomers are therefore combined to make each inflatable seal we manufacture.

The combinations are chosen to suit the geometric and environmental concerns with your application. As you define for us what those needs are, the Seal Master team can then create a customized solution for you. Typical elastomers used include materials such as natural rubber, butyl, nitrile, polyurethane, fluorocarbon, and others.

Elastomers are selected based on environmental concerns for your application. 

Common fabrics used to reinforce our inflatable products include Dacron Kevlar, Nomex, and Nylon. Fabrics are important since they provide durability and shape retention through each duty cycle for your inflatable seal or rubber product. 

Lastly, we select the proper products for your application based on the Shore A durometer measurement.

This helps us calculate the hardness of rubber compounds. A higher durometer measurement reflects a harder compound. Harder compounds offer greater abrasion resistance and resistance to extrusion. 

Seal Master engineers are ready to work with your team in order to find the best combination for your inflatable seals. Contact us today to get started!