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Why Choose a Separate Sealing Solution for Hatch and Access Door Manufacturing?

August 26, 2022

The seal on your access door or hatch is as, if not more important than the door itself. Seal Master serves door and hatch manufacturers searching for proven and reliable seal solutions. Seal Master's inflatable seal is an essential component that prevents the flow of fluid, gas, or particles offering protection or containment of sensitive materials or areas. For this reason, it's a good idea to trust these rubber and elastomer experts for quality, fabric-reinforced inflatable seals, that provide superior sealing force as a part of your hatch and access door designs.

Trust the Subject Matter Experts

Hatch and access door manufacturers primarily work with steel, while our team at Seal Master works with elastomers to create our inflatable seals. As is true with any manufacturing company, there are certain materials or parts that make up the end product that need to be sourced from other manufacturers. The sealing solution for your hatch or access door design is one of those parts.

Trust the elastomeric inflatable seal experts to provide a superior sealing solution for your designs.

Benefits of Working With Seal Master

Seal Master's fabric-reinforced, custom inflatable seals are strongly recommended by industrial leaders, environmentalists, high-tech engineers, and project managers. Our 40+ years of experience and impeccable track record have led us to take on projects for large organizations like NASA and Edwards Air Force Base.

  • Fully-Molded Construction - Improving the strength of rubber and ensuring consistent performance reduces the risk of seal failure.
  • Fabric-Reinforced - Effective for applications where moderate to high pressure is necessary. Our experts can determine which reinforced fabric would be optimal based on project parameters.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We ensure that every product we send out has been inspected a minimum of two times by separate Seal Master Quality Inspectors. In addition to testing for cosmetic defects, we do mandatory and optional product tests. These tests include a mandatory underwater leak test, an optional burst test, an optional pressure decay test, and an optional product cycle test.

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At Seal Master, we take pride in guiding you through the process of bringing your project to fruition. Our industry experts and meticulous design and engineering consultation guarantee an excellently crafted seal to fit your needs. Contact us today.

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