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DLA Seal Maintenance Program

February 2, 2023

Is it time for maintenance? We’re here to help. Routine maintenance should enhance your organizational readiness without compromising your team's schedules or sidelining you from meeting your stakeholders' expectations.

The experts at Seal Master Corporation understand your urgent need for first-time excellence. Having decades of experience with the Defense Logistics Agency’s maintenance, repair, and operations programs, we deliver full-scale, customizable seal maintenance solutions for both military and commercial assets.

Our philosophy is simple: We solve problems with innovative engineered solutions. We take the guesswork out of seal maintenance, so you can maintain mission readiness without the headache of routine jobs. We’re the defense industry’s leader in seal manufacturing, maintenance, and replacement.

Federal Maintenance Mandate

As you likely already know, federal regulation mandates that many assets—ranging from aircraft canopies, nuclear cooling towers, tank turrets, and a host of others—require seal maintenance or replacement every three to five years.

The effects of neglecting or haphazardly executing such maintenance can be catastrophic: Increased operating costs, decreased lifespan, and emergent repairs cause serious financial problems for your team, drastically affecting strategic initiatives. Unfortunately, we’ve seen organizations disregard proactive planning for this maintenance. What was thought to be routine preventative work turns into overtime, equipment damage, and rework.

Why Seal Master for DLA Seal Maintenance?


We’re confident that you’ll experience hassle-free completion of seal-related maintenance when you partner with Seal Master. We boast greater reliability than in-house or generalist options, who’ve performed in our area of expertise only once every three to five years, if at all. We streamline and standardize our maintenance practices into efficient workflows, since we’re immensely familiar with the scope of work involved.

Cost Competitive

Moreover, we’re highly cost-competitive. We mitigate the risk of cost overrun by promising high-caliber performance within carefully controlled schedules. We are a turnkey, self-sustaining provider– you’ll benefit from the minimal onboarding, coaching, and oversight our team requires. We exceed our stakeholder’s requirements in a fraction of the time it takes to perform these maintenance items in-house.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Our technical framework places us a cut above the rest, making us the superior choice for custom-engineered fabric-reinforced inflatable seals. Drawing upon training, supervision, and effective supervision, our work model results in on-time value delivery at a fraction of the cost incurred by growth work and inadequate first-time execution.

The Seal Master Advantage: Why We Outclass Our Competitors

There’s no substitute for expertise. We comprehensively train our experts to tackle jobs of immense complexity. From fighter jets to nuclear cooling towers, our portfolio of projects spans across vast industrial applications. Our engineers undergo an extensive qualification process prior to initial work. Each worker maintains proficiency through our continual improvement process. Our knowledge base yields both the technical prowess to tackle your most complex tasks, and the operational know-how to navigate federal logistics.

“Close enough” just doesn’t cut it. We assess complete technical documentation prior to any job. We carefully control deviations, and keep our client informed of the status of the maintenance item throughout the full project lifecycle. Grounded in engineering principles, our team demonstrates verbatim procedural compliance in every task. We believe that preparation is key to success– as such, we constantly monitor the industry’s latest guidance. Our entire team is well-versed in the Defense Logistics Management Standards and the most rigorous engineering principles.

Increased oversight reduces risk. Our quality insurance inspectors pass an extensive technical evaluation prior to leading teams. Performance drift is eliminated through careful management of resources, experience, and knowledge. We’re proud of our spotless safety record. We ensure complete compliance with OSHA and other federal standards. Retesting ensures compliance prior to delivery. Our engineers understand what’s most valuable to our client, and our management ensures on-time completion of all maintenance– safely.

Don’t take a chance with your most valuable assets. Trust Seal Master’s team of experts to handle your maintenance needs. Reach out today to request a quote.

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