Our Team

Seal Master takes pride in serving our customers. We are here to assist in developing a solution to the customer’s problem while establishing a strong relationship. With our knowledge and expertise of the product we can provide unmatched customer service and satisfaction.  Our dedicated sales and engineering teams strive for the best possible solution for you and are ready to assist. 

Richard "Scott" Messner
Sales Manager

Scott joined the Seal Master team in 1984. Since then Scott has worked in every department within Seal Master including 7 years as a Quality Assurance Manager. With this experience, Scott brings a unique skill set to sales team. Scott enjoys traveling and is widely regarded as Seal Master’s “most interesting man”. 

Frank Ackerman
International Sales Associate

Frank joined the Seal Master team in 2000. Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Frank is fluent in the German language and acts as Seal Master’s German sales representative and technical translator. Frank also brings such experience as mechanical drawing, military telecommunications and process manufacturing to Seal Master. With many years of invaluable experience Frank is an integral part of Seal Master’s Sales team.

Cody Fankhauser
Sales Associate

Cody joined the Seal Master team in 2008 as a Junior Engineer. Since then, Cody has moved into our Sales team and has become a value asset to our customers. Cody’s engineering background aids in the development of each project. 

Herbert Bittle
Sales Engineer
Engineering Team
Team Of Custom Designers and Problem Solvers

The engineering department is the hub of design and customer services at Seal Master Corporation. It is comprised of a group of highly educated, skilled, mechanical engineers with combined experience spanning decades in industrial rubber. They collaborate to provide creative solutions to challenging design problems as a service to customers.