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50 Years of Engineering Excellence


Seal Master Corporation proudly celebrates its 50th year in business! Since 1974 we have been committed to engineering excellence, manufacturing inflatable seals that stand apart in the industry for their innovative fabric reinforcement and fully-molded construction. Our engineers have been custom-designing and manufacturing inflatable seals for mission-critical applications for five decades.

Why Seal Master Corporation?

High-Quality Materials
At Seal Master Corporation, only tested and certified material components are used to build Seal Master Corporation inflatable seals and inflatable bags. We hold our suppliers to very high standards in order to pass down that same quality to our customers.

Custom Design & Engineering
Our engineers’ extensive knowledge, expertise and experience make us the most qualified to develop new and customized inflatable seals. We are also able to troubleshoot problems you may have with an existing inflatable seal design.

Strong Company Culture
Our close-knit team has been with us since the early days and we are proud of how far we have come together. When you partner with Seal Master Corporation, you can feel confident that you are working with an upstanding team focused on your project’s success.


What We Do

Seal Master Corporation has been the go-to inflatable seal manufacturer since 1974. Our mission is to solve problems with innovative engineered solutions.

Who We Serve

Seal Master Corporation serves clients in markets that are vital to the global economy, playing a part in the creation of innovative equipment and machinery.

Military tank

Custom Inflatable Seals for Tank Turrets

Seal Master Corporation was tasked with developing durable environmental seals for tank turrets capable of withstanding extreme combat conditions.


FDA-Approved Inflatable Seals for Food Processing Equipment

A leading European food processing manufacturer approached Seal Master Corporation for specialized seals for drum transfer applications.

COVID-19 vaccine bottling

Inflatable Seals for Vaccine Bottling

Seal Master Corporation provided an inflatable seal for a pharmaceutical filling machine critical in aiding the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Engineering Excellence

Our experienced staff, superior manufacturing process and unique fabric reinforcement options make us stand out from the competition. When you request design assistance, a team of designers and engineers work with you to create inflatable seals and bags that are durable, reliable, and custom-engineered for you.


Explore Our New Tool: Cross Section Selector

Are you frustrated with poor product quality, long lead times or being unable to get your inflatable seals from your normal supplier? Provide us with information about what kind of seal you are looking for and we will match you with an existing Seal Master Corporation cross section or refer you to our engineering team for custom manufacturing.

Get Started with Seal Master Corporation

If you are interested in getting a custom quote but aren’t sure where to start in terms of specifying your needs, download our white paper on scoping your seal for guidance.

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