Product Gallery

Seal Master designs custom rubber parts and molded rubber products to solve our customer’s application needs. To help you determine what kind of inflatable seal your project warrants before filling out our RFQ form, we've asked our engineer Eric to demonstrate some of our popular inflatable seals. 

Miter Cornered Inflatable Bag Product Demonstration 


Usually when someone is inflating a bag with a tight corner, it is flat and often tears— but Seal Master has developed the technology to make a mitered corner that doesn't self-destruct. Done with the bag? Our inflatable rubber products deflate into their original position.

Let our Seal Master engineer Eric show you one of our “picture frame” mitered inflatable bags:


Custom Molded - Mandrel Inflatable Product Demonstration


At Seal Master Corp. we mold a lot of custom molded rubber products that solve various problems. In this video, Eric demonstrates how our mandrel inflatable works.  To use the mandrel in this video, you slide it into your products core deflated. Once inflated, it expands to grip the core so that you can now drive the core. Like our other inflatable seals, once the air is released the mandrel inflatable returns to its starting shape and pulls away from the core. 

G12 Miter Corner Seal - Water Sealing Demonstration


Seal Master’s rubber seal products work in a variety of applications. To prove this, our engineer Eric puts our G12 miter corner seal to the test in a water application.

When you are using one of our miter corner seals, it’s an uncomplicated process. Simply apply air pressure to the seal, once inflated you can pour water into the fixture. As the seal inflates, the beads will drop and then the corners will inflate based on the seal’s geometry.  You can then add water to the fixture.

This type of seal works well for copper or powder bulk transfers. Watch the video for more information. 


Inflatable Door Seal Demonstration


The inflatable door seal is a popular product that seals off one environment from another while still providing quick access when deflated. All of our inflatable seals are fabric reinforced and fully molded to fit your specific application. This ensures structural integrity for optimum performance.

Watch the video below to see how these inflatable door seals work in action.


Now that you've seen some of our high quality rubber products and met one of our expert engineers, complete our RFQ form in detail today to help us create your custom inflatable shapes.