Inflatable Seal Configurations

Typical Inflatable Seal Configurations:

There are as many different inflatable seal configurations (or cross-sections) as the mind can imagine.

Even though Seal Master Corporation has designed and created over 7,500 uniquely different products, it could be that the configuration that fits your application has not yet been created.

The more typical inflatable seal configurations are presented by selecting the corresponding link below:

Snap-in Type
Bond-in Type
Encapsulated Type
Fasten Type
Recessed-groove Type
Drop-in Type

These configurations have been created in response to a variety of industrial, research, and military requirements. The various cross-section geometry types each have specific performance parameters that permit them to function best in one or more of the inflation directions.

The inflatable seal profiles are further differentiated by the method by which they are retained. (A discussion of inflatable seal retention systems is provided Section 6 of this presentation.)

Custom Inflatable Seals

These inflatable air seal profiles are only a representation of some of the typical profiles used and are not representative of all of the special profiles that have been created over our 40-year history. Seal Master inflatable seals are custom engineered and manufactured for your specific application and the profile is determined by the requirements of your application. Fill out our RFQ page with your unique requirements to get started on your inflatable seals application.