We do more than seals.

Throughout our 40-year history, Seal Master® Inflatables have been used in a variety of industries and applications, from spaceships to sewers, from hangar doors to laboratory mice!
An elastomer inflatable can accomplish several functions, not just sealing. Customers all over the world use rugged Seal Master in industrial, environmental, or technological environments to regulate the introduction of engineered force.


Seal Master has more than 7,900 products in its vast catalog, with hundreds of different use-cases. We even designed an inflatable using special conductive rubber to form a resistive electrical circuit! Below are some typical generalized applications. Perhaps they will spark an idea for your project specification!

Typical Applications

Find the application that works best for you
To get a visualization of the most typical uses, see the videos below, or select an application to find a Seal Master solution best suited to your engineering problem. 

Video Page

Which Application Applies to You



Seal Master inflatable seals are used to seal off one environment from another and yet provide quick access when deflated as shown in this door sealing video.




Seal Master inflatable seals prove to be an efficient way to grip, hold, and lift objects, having the ability to retract out of the way when deflated. This is an excellent lifting and placement solution for repetitive processes as shown in this video.



Seal Master inflatable seals can be utilized to generate a mechanical holding force in a process as illustrated by this cutting operation video.



It is possible to take advantage of the natural braking capabilities of Seal Master inflatable seals as shown in this video.



Seal Master inflatable seals can be utilized to assist in the movement of materials as shown in this drum follower video.



Seal Master inflatable seals can be used as actuators to move objects as shown in this conveyor operation video.