Proper installation is essential to the function and longevity of an inflatable seal. A retainer must hold the seal in place, allow it the freedom to inflate and deflate, and protect it from damage. To facilitate the installation of our inflatable seals, Seal Master can provide metal, rubber, or plastic retainers in strip or circular form as illustrated. Please note that a rubber retainer requires reinforcement on its three sides in-order to work to specification.

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Every Seal Master inflatable seal has an integrally molded fitting in one of three locations, Base - shown with open-ended hose (most popular) End - shown with threaded fitting (strip seals only) Side - Show with hose having adapter fitting attached

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Certain process applications require that the operation of the seal be specifically controlled or cycled. In this situation, a combination of control boxes, valves, regulators, gauges, alarms, and compressors may be required. Seal Master will provide a control device should your application require it. The control device illustrated operates an inflatable seal used in an emergency rescue vehicle.

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