What is the Purpose of the Control Devices

There are certain applications where Seal Master products require the use of a control device. If your inflatable seal or rubber product requires one of these accessories, let us know!

What is a Control Device? 

A control device allows an inflatable seal or inflatable product to be specifically controlled or cycled automatically. This differs from inflatable seals that are cycled manually. 

In situations where a control device is needed, a combination of control boxes, valves, regulators, gauges, alarms and compressors can be utilized to control the inflatable seal. Inflatable rubber products used in emergency response situations or in pre-production development may require a control device, as an example. 

Benefits of a Mechanical Control Device

A mechanical control device offers precise control of the pressure and duty cycle of an inflatable. A control device can make ensure our inflatable products make your operation run more efficiently and with greater consistency.

Control devices are just one of several accessories Seal Master manufactures in order to help optimize your inflatable seals and rubber products. We also make high-quality retaining systems and pressure fittings. 

If you believe a mechanical control device can be useful with your inflatable seals, let us know and we can configure a device specifically designed for your application.