What Materials are Used in Seal Master Products?

Inflatable seals engineered and manufactured by Seal Master are not merely rubber extrusions. Our inflatable seals are designed and customized to each customer’s needs, utilizing a variety of elastomers and fabrics to perform when they are used.

The numerous combinations of elastomers and fabrics are chosen in response to geometrical and environmental challenges in a specific application.

Based on environment, inflatable seals can be made using butyl, natural rubber, chloroprene, silicone, polyurethane, and other materials.

And our fabrics range from Dacron Kevlar® Normex® and Nylon. Fabrics are used to enhance durability and shape retention in our inflatable seals. Fabrics also help to increase the strength of an inflatable seal.

Seal Master’s team of engineers won’t ask you what materials you believe to be best, but instead we will question you on the environment and applications for our inflatable seals in order to fit the best elastomer and fabric to meet your needs. Finding the proper materials to be used is a collaborative effort between our engineers and our customers.

For more information on inflatable seals from Seal Master, contact us or complete an online RFQ form. Our team is excited to design the optimal seal solution for your next project!