What is Fully Molded Construction

Seal Master offers fabric reinforced, fully molded inflatable seals designed specifically for you. But what does it mean when we say a seal is “fully molded?”

Fully molded construction means that our team has incorporated both high temperature and pres-sure into the fabrication process in order to improve the strength of the rubber used in a seal.

This process improves the elastomeric properties of the material used to make your seal. 

In the end, fully molded construction results in a consistent and even inflation pressure along the en-tire striking surface. Greater structural integrity in inflatable seals also means longer product opera-tion. 

Spliced seals start with an extrusion cured with heat, but not under pressure. This process of “spot curing” results in areas that do not expand as easily as the rest of the seal. But Seal Master’s fully molded construction of all of our products gives them an advantage over the competition. 

With fully molded construction, you can be assured that Seal Master’s products will give you greater structural integrity to deliver consistent inflation along the entire length of the seal.

Plus our products will provide longer duty cycles with zero faults. Since we are involved in every step of the process — from early design to fabrication and manufacturing — you can trust in our abilities to innovate a solution meant for you. Our entire team can balance performance and cost considerations along the way. 

The resulting product from Seal Master will be an inflatable seal that performs as it should for longer than the competition. 

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