Solutions: Push & Seal

Seal Master’s line of inflatable, custom-engineered hand built fabric seals are designed to perform a variety of functions for countless industries.

Our inflatable seals can create an airtight seal, hold items in place, squeeze, stop, or lift anything. Seal Master’s inflatable fabric-reinforced seals are used in multiple devices such as brakes, couplers, lifters, laminators, plugs, separators, cushions, and gripping devices.

If you need a solution that can provide a pushing or moving force, we can custom engineer a solution for your needs using an actuator that will exceed your expectations.

Our seals are perfect for inventory or conveyor systems that rely on actuators to add items to the top or bottom of a stack. Seal Master’s custom-engineered inflatable actuator system can apply push, move, or pop force to complement and improve your system, as well as minimize design tolerances.

The jam-proof rubberized actuator we design will provide consistent and even moving force for millions of cycles, is jam-proof, and simplifies your design by minimizing machining and/or fabrication tolerances.

The Seal Master team will also provide design consultation throughout the process to bring you a custom solution to move whatever material you need moved.

Engineers and project managers prefer our molded rubber inflatable seals due to their structural integrity, durability under tough conditions, and overall quality our team provides.

For videos of how our inflatable seals apply push force, click here. And for more information, complete an online RFQ to begin designing a solution for your project requirements.