Solutions: Hold

When certain applications require even pressure to hold, and then release products with consistent pressure, engineers and project managers turn to Seal Master for the solution. As one of our many capabilities, the Seal Master team can offer custom engineered fully-molded inflatable elastomer products in order to apply hold force. If you need to apply holding force to delicate materials, Seal Master’s rubber products can help hold onto whatever you need.


There are thousands of applications for these types of products, such as holding a mirror in place on a manufacturing line for polishing. Or what about holding light objects in place during the machining process? Our engineers offer custom design consultation on your projects that require a consistent holding force. Seal Master’s solutions can provide jam-proof cycle duty and can simplify the process with minimal machining. Seal Master’s rubber inflatables can solve your holding, clamping, or blocking challenges.


So contact Seal Master — the global leader in manufacturing customized rubber products and inflatable seals, since 1974 — to begin developing a solution to your application of hold force or submit an RFQ. Quite simply, we at Seal Master want to craft a custom solution in order for you to hold on to something!