Solutions: Custom Inflatable Seals

At Seal Master we understand that your project is one of a kind and requires a different solution from other projects. Off-the-shelf parts are not our style and we take pride in creating custom products for each of our customers. 

What is an Inflatable Seal? 

Inflatable seals are a fabric reinforced, fully molded rubber product designed to provide a solution to a variety of issues. These products can be used to create a water-tight seal, push, squeeze, hold, stop, or lift countless objects. 

Their fabric reinforced design allows the seals to inflate and deflate when directed for millions of duty cycles and perform with consistent pressure. Seals come in three main configurations — concave, convoluted, and flat. 

Your Project Requirements

Our fabric reinforced inflatable seals are a versatile solution to a wide range of problems. That is a main reason why Seal Master products have been used in several different industries. 

We strive to exceed expectations and meet your project goals. When you partner with us the Seal Master team will take the time to learn the scope of your project, its challenges, and unique parameters. From there we will select the proper fabrics, elastomers, and design for your custom engineered inflatable seal. 

Contact us today to begin creating a unique solution to your project!